Studies/implementation of sludges valorization

Agrosylva is a French residuals management consulting and implementation company

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    Cycles de l'eau, du végétal et de l'énergie
    Let's dare the virtuous circle !

Agrosylva develops and implements innovative, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable methodologies for the use of municipal and industrial organic and inorganic residuals. Our management opportunities are beneficial to the environment, community, end-user and generator.

Land application of biosolids to the land aim to fertilize crops or other vegetation (trees, grassland) grown in the soil, better than commercial fertilizers.

Sewage sludges can be treated before land application, in order to destroy bad odors, to reduce volumes and to facilitate the spreading quality.

Agrosylva is specialised and experimented in sludge removal from lagoons and reed beds that are technical operations requiring care and specific material. In each case, prior studies are necessary to act with legality, economy and responsibility.

All these issues are involved in a benefic circle for environment, our legacy for future generations.