Wastewater lagoons and reed beds cleanout

Lagoons and reed beds (constructed wetlands) are wastewater treatment plants that accumulate the sludges with a long-term storage, mineralization and volume reduction of biosolids. Periodicaly, the sludges must be extracted from the beds where they are.

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Agrosylva is specialised and experimented in sludge removal from lagoons and reed beds that are technical operations requiring care and specific material :

- Lagoons, in case of waterproofing with geomembrane : liquid sludges are pumped either from the lagoon sides either from a flat boat carrying a immersed pump

- Lagoons in other cases : a lagoon is dewatered by pumping, up to the sludge layer. The influent flow is routed to an other lagoon. The sludges dry during several months until they reach a solid consistence. Then, they are extracted with excavators

- Reed beds : The influent flow is routed to another bed. The sludges dry during several weeks, then, are extracted with any excavators